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European Society of Cardiology
Latest research shows rates of heart disease and stroke continue to decline in Europe, but more people are hospitalised (Thu, 21 Aug 2014 17:31:48 GMT)

Overall, CVD remains the single, greatest cause of death among Europeans than any other disease, and, in many countries causes twice as many deaths as cancer. However, researchers found there were some countries where cancer was now causing more deaths than heart disease in men.  Read more

Topics: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Risk Assessment and Management
Preventive cardiology – a major challenge: Reports from Latvia and Lithuania (Tue, 12 Aug 2014 16:02:41 GMT)

"This month, Latvia and Lithuania are being added to the prevention map of Europe.  With a cardiovascular risk burden and mortality still among the highest in Europe, preventive cardiology undoubtedly remains a major challenge!  Read the country reports of the National CVD Prevention Coordinators and be inspired by their hard work to win the battle against premature cardiac death.”
Joep Perk, EACPR Prevention Implementation Committee Chair

Topics: Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Risk Assessment and Management
NEW! You can now test your knowledge on Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPX) (Wed, 13 Aug 2014 17:39:08 GMT)

-  Review the CPX case
-  Study the key plots
-  Provide your answers to the multiple choice questions


Access the case now!


Topics: Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Risk Assessment and Management
Abstract submission services are now open! (Mon, 11 Aug 2014 17:03:41 GMT)

Why wait until the deadline?

Submit your research and ensure you have a scientific role next year in Madrid!

Topics: Echocardiography (Non-invasive imaging), Invasive Imaging: Cardiac Catheterisation and Angiography, Magnetic Resonance (Non-invasive imaging), Non-invasive imaging: Echocardiography, MR/CT, Nuclear, Nuclear cardio & CT (Non-invasive imaging)
The 2014 ESC/ESA Guidelines on non-cardiac surgery: cardiovascular assessment and management is now available (Fri, 01 Aug 2014 10:50:41 GMT)

The 2014 ESC/ESA Guidelines cover the entire field including surgical risk assessment, pre-operative evaluation, and optimal peri-operative management, and will also address relevant cardiological and anaesthesiological issues in patients with specific cardiac diseases and common co-morbidities who are scheduled to undergo non-cardiac surgery.
Access the Guidelines